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Aggressive Criminal Defense Attorneys In Silver Spring

Facing any kind of criminal charge is not only daunting, but can be life-altering. If you are charged with a crime — or even if you have only been questioned in connection with an offense — it is critical for you speak with an experienced criminal defense lawyer to protect your rights. The attorneys at the Law Offices of Gore & Hand, LLC, provide knowledgeable criminal law guidance and aggressive advocacy to obtain the best possible outcome for our clients charged with offenses.

We Are By Your Side Inside And Outside Of Court

We understand that anybody can make a mistake, face false accusations or get swept into a situation that gets out of control. The trial attorneys at our firm are not here to pass judgment, but to independently evaluate the prosecution's case to pinpoint its flaws and weaknesses. We focus on the goal from the outset and build a strong defense strategy. Moreover, we will work with you inside and outside of the courtroom — every step of the way.

Many criminal cases are resolved before trial. However, we remain relentless at every step — bringing pretrial challenges, exploring alternative avenues for resolution, negotiating from a position of strength and preparing for trial. If a reasonable resolution is not possible, we are prepared and will not hesitate to go the distance in trial to protect our clients.

You deserve to have a lawyer who will not only keep you up to date on the status of your case, but will tell you what you need to know to allow you to participate in your defense. Our knowledge of the law, experience in defending against a wide range of charges and our fearless preparation for trial can be your advantages in protecting your future.

Experienced Trial Attorneys To Fight A Wide Range Of Charges

Based in Silver Spring, we represent individuals charged with crimes throughout Maryland in cases involving:

  • DUI charges and traffic offenses, including driving without a license, driving with a suspended license and driving without insurance
  • Drug crimes, including possession, possession with intent to sell, drug distribution and drug trafficking charges
  • Violent offenses such as assault, violations of peace or protective orders, domestic violence, burglary and armed robbery offenses
  • Theft charges, ranging from shoplifting to possession of stolen property to felony theft crimes
  • Weapons offenses such as charges involving weapons in a school zone, unlawful possession of a firearm and wearing, carrying or transporting a handgun

Take The First Step In Building A Strong Defense — Call 888-370-0368

Our clients' best interests are always our top priority. We emphasize clear communication and constant updates throughout each case. When you have questions, we'll have answers. Your defense starts with a free consultation. Call us at 888-370-0368 or use our online contact form to get in touch with our lawyers. We represent accused of offenses in Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Frederick and Prince George's counties, as well as throughout the Maryland suburbs.