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Caring Family Law Attorneys Dedicated To Results

Whether you are facing the breakdown of your marriage, seeking to adopt a child or facing any other family law challenge, the decisions you make today are critical to your future. Family law problems are highly personal. The anxiety and emotional turmoil that run alongside resolving conflict can overshadow the legal issue. At the Law Offices of Gore & Hand, LLC, in Silver Spring, our lawyers take a practical approach to obtain results efficiently with the least amount of pain possible.

Our accomplished family law attorneys truly care about your future. Settling a family law dispute well requires a full understanding of your interests, goals and individual circumstances. To that end, we will listen attentively to you and explain the legal options that best meet your needs. We offer a full range of family law services, including:

  • Divorce: The breakdown of a marriage brings emotional turmoil as well as legal challenges. Our client-centered approach to settling or litigating divorce challenges is aimed at managing both the personal issues and your legal rights.
  • Child custody and support: We are thorough in addressing the best interests of the child in solving tough child custody and support disputes to help our clients maintain their parental rights and relationships with their children.
  • Alimony and property division: Financial stability after divorce is essential. Our command of the factors courts in Maryland use to determine alimony and property division matters is valuable in helping you obtain the most favorable outcome possible.
  • Prenuptial and post-nuptial agreements: We help clients negotiate, mediate and draft effective marital agreements, including prenups, post-nups and separation agreements.
  • Domestic violence and protection orders: Our lawyers have experience in family court and as criminal defense attorneys. Whether you are a victim of abuse or you are facing a protective order hearing, our comprehensive knowledge of domestic violence and protective orders is vital in protecting your rights.
  • Adoption: Adopting a child is an exciting experience. Of all family law matters, adoptions are the most joyous. We are passionate about helping families grow stronger. We handle all varieties of adoption, including new additions to the family and stepparent and relative adoptions.
  • Mediation: Many men and women find mediation is an empowering alternative to litigation. Family law mediation allows you to maintain more control over the outcome than you may get handing the decisions over to a judge. We can help you protect your rights, understand the issues and guide you through the mediation process to get you through to a better tomorrow.

To schedule an appointment with well-regarded attorneys in Silver Spring, contact us online now or call 888-370-0368. We represent men and women in Montgomery, Howard, Anne Arundel, Frederick and Prince George's counties, as well as throughout the Maryland suburbs.