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Fairness Matters In Alimony And Property Division

Facing financial and property considerations are often overwhelming when a marriage breaks down. What has been one household budget will become two. Disparities in income and who will retain assets often leave divorcing men and women reeling over what the future will look like. Having a skilled and experienced divorce lawyer in your corner is the first step in easing your tensions about your financial stability.

Let Us Protect Your Financial And Property Rights In Divorce

The seasoned spousal support and marital property division attorneys at the Law Offices of Gore & Hand, LLC, will analyze all of the relevant details in your unique circumstances to craft the best legal strategy to protect your rights. Maryland law seeks to divide marital property fairly between spouses. The equitable division of property, however, does not always result in an even 50/50 split.

Our lawyers understand how local courts view the factors to weigh in making property division determinations. We have access to the appropriate professionals to appraise and fairly value property to ensure that calculations are based on realistic numbers. Moreover, while analyzing the details, we never lose sight of the big picture. Dividing marital property and addressing any potential alimony calculations must be considered in light of both the details and the overall outcome to ensure that your rights are fully protected.

The concepts of alimony, spousal support and maintenance can be complex. We explain how Maryland courts determine whether alimony or spousal maintenance is appropriate in an individual case. The court may order one party to pay alimony while the divorce remains pending, but that temporary alimony order does not mean that spousal maintenance will continue as rehabilitative or permanent alimony when the divorce is finalized. We diligently attend to every detail to prepare solid strategies to protect the property rights and financial interests of our clients.

Focused On Your Best Interests — Call To Learn More

No two households and no two divorce settlements or judgments of the court are identical. We strive to personalize our representation to obtain the best outcome possible in negotiations, mediation or litigation. To learn how our comprehensive analysis and attention to detail can help you, call our office in Silver Spring at 888-370-0368 or send us an email to arrange your confidential consultation.