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Child Custody And Support, Focusing On Your Kids

Few family law concerns bring more strife than those involving children. Whether you are separating, getting a divorce or seeking a modification to custody arrangements that no longer work due to a significant change in circumstances, you need focused guidance and strong advocacy to protect your relationship with your child.

The experienced child custody attorneys at the Law Offices of Gore & Hand, LLC, in Silver Spring know how overwhelming it is for parents to face decisions concerning their children. When it comes to deciding issues of child custody, parenting time and child support, Maryland family courts focus on the best interests of the child.

Work With Problem Solvers

Difficulties and contentious battles can arise when parents disagree over what they believe serves the interests of their children. Our lawyers believe that you deserve to work with problem-solving attorneys — not lawyers who aggravate the problem. Your children are far too important to be pulled apart in heated disputes between you and your co-parent.

Our goal in helping our clients obtain the most favorable outcome possible in parenting time, custody and child support matters focuses on ensuring the well-being of the children. We work hand in hand with our clients to learn all of the relevant details, including their individual family dynamics, to craft well-reasoned legal strategies to obtain results. We prepare solid positions for leverage in resolving conflict in negotiations, through mediation and at trial when the opposing party is unreasonable.

Understanding Child Support

Child support calculations are linked to custody and parenting time arrangements. Unfortunately, support obligations can, at times, motivate some parents to dig in their heels over parenting time discussions. We take a balanced approach to solving conflict with a clear focus on the children. Our one-on-one personal service can help you navigate these difficult issues to protect your children from unnecessary strife. Sensitivity is vital in all family law matters. We will go the distance to provide you with honest advice to help you make realistic decisions and move forward with confidence.

To speak with a lawyer who will put your child's interests and your parental rights in the forefront, call 888-370-0368 or send us an email now to get in touch with the firm.