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Comprehensive Domestic Violence Representation

When couples grow apart during a marriage, disputes sometimes seem to become more common. These marital disputes can escalate, leading to domestic violence allegations between spouses or against children. When disputes lead to family violence, it is crucial for you to obtain the guidance and representation of a lawyer who has the skill to take decisive action.

Well-Rounded Experience In Domestic Violence And Protective Order Hearings

The lawyers at the Law Offices of Gore & Hand, LLC, in Silver Spring have well-rounded experience in domestic violence and assault matters. We are not only seasoned family law attorneys, but we each have experience as criminal defense lawyers. Whether you are a victim of abuse or are accused of family violence, our comprehensive knowledge of every aspect of Maryland domestic violence and assault law can help you protect yourself and your family.

Obtaining Protective Orders

If you are a victim of abuse, we can help you obtain a protective order to give you peace of mind. We have experience filing all types of protective orders, including:

  • Interim protective orders, which remain in effect for approximately two days
  • Temporary protective orders, which are effective — until a final protective order hearing can take place in court
  • Final protective orders, which the judge issues after an evidentiary hearing or if the parties consent

Defending Against Family Violence Allegations

We represent men and women in protective order hearings to defend against the allegations. Many allegations of domestic violence are linked to the end of a marriage and may be used in an effort to gain advantage in child custody and other divorce matters.

Get The Protection You Need In Court

Whether you fear for your safety and want a protective order or need to defend against such allegations, it is critical for you to have a skilled lawyer in your corner. Domestic disputes often occur behind closed doors — without any other witnesses beside the parties. A domestic violence hearing often involves contentious he said, she said disputes. Often, divorce may be just around the corner. It is important to present the best case possible and our seasoned trial lawyers can provide the strong guidance and representation you need to obtain the best result possible.

To arrange a confidential consultation with the seasoned domestic violence lawyers at our firm, send us a message online or call 888-370-0368. If you need immediate assistance to preserve your safety, call 911.